Commercial AC variable frequency treadmill


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?Screen: 18.5-inch high-definition touch screen, screen system can be remotely upgraded through OTA; WIFI connection for online video and audio playback, making running easier;
?One click screen mirroring on mobile phones;
?Realistic running mode, scene switching speed automatically adapts to running speed;
?Scan QR codes on WeChat to quickly register for a sports account, customize exercise habits, store exercise data for a long time, share with just one click, and form a user social circle;
?Featured programs: Challenge mode, map mode, competition mode, city challenge mode, medal wall, sports leaderboard, etc., which can increase user stickiness;
? Body material: The aluminum alloy frame of the entire machine, and the rear foot pedal end cover is made of cast aluminum alloy material;
? Running belt: Using a 2.2mm thick wear-resistant running belt, with a running area of 580mm * 1620mm;
? Maintenance free system: fault self inspection system, multi wedge belt automatic tensioning system, automatic lubrication system, static elimination system;
?Armrest: PU foam armrest with hand held heart rate monitoring function, and horizontal handle with speed and slope shortcut button design;
?Fan system: adopts a rolling fan, equipped with a negative oxygen ion generator;
?Shock absorption: equipped with 8 vacuum airbag shock absorption columns,
?Safety: Equipped with hardware emergency stop function;
?Motor: AC variable frequency motor, continuous power of 3.9KW/5.3HP, maximum 5KW/6.8HP;
? Function range of direct selection key: speed range 1-25km/H, slope range -1-18%;
?Running board: 25mm thick double-sided running board;
?Specification and material of chassis edge pipe: 190mm * 44mm * 2mm/sandblasted aluminum alloy edge pipe;
?Main riser specifications and materials: 200mm * 62mm * 3mm/sandblasted aluminum alloy edge pipe;
? Drum size: 100mm;
?Floor area: 2200mm * 1000mm * 1555mm;
?Net weight of equipment: 220KG;
?Maximum load-bearing capacity: The maximum allowable weight for users is 182KG.