Sitting Thigh Back Pressure Trainer


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1. Function: Mainly exercises the biceps femoris muscle group;
2. Seat cushion: Made of high-density PU foam material, with optional colors;
3. Guide rod: ? ? 20mm steel solid guide rod, coated with anti-corrosion coating and polished;
4. Counterweight: The counterweight weighs ? 86kg and is equipped with a strong magnetic self suction counterweight pin;
5. Shield: Both the front and rear shields are made of closed semi transparent ABS injection molding material;
6. Handle: Use TPR material for gloves, and fix the top of the gloves with aluminum alloy parts;
7. Pipe specifications: The main frame adopts steel pipes with a thickness of no less than 3mm;
8. Adjustment part: semi-automatic and sliding adjustment, adjustable back cushion ? 7 gears, adjustable leg support ? 4 gears;
9. Motion trajectory: Cam disc structure design, uniform force distribution during the motion process;
10. Floor area: 1455mm * 1265mm * 1500mm (? 3% allowed);
11. Equipment weight: ? 212kg;