Adjustable Roman Chair


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Pipe specifications: The main frame pipe shall not be less than ? 70mm x 2.5mm steel pipe;
Floor parts: Rubber foot covers are used to ensure the stability of the equipment and effectively prevent floor wear and tear;
? Adjustment part: Gas spring adjustment device, with no less than 5 stages, and a maximum training angle of 180 ?;
Using particle spray heat treatment for anti slip pedals;
Equipped with auxiliary handles, making it convenient for users to get on and off equipment;
The land area shall not be less than 1600mm * 940mm * 1100mm;
Third party certification: The product has passed the 2020 NSCC national body certification; The product has passed the inspection by the National Sports Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and an inspection report is provided; The product has passed CE certification.


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