Climbing machine


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?Screen: Large LCD display screen, screen size 142mm * 59mm
?Range of exercise intensity adjustment: 0-8 levels;
?Equipped with ? 20 solid guide rods, equipped with ultra quiet sliding sleeves;
?Modular aluminum alloy foot pedals, capable of quick loading and unloading with bare hands, meet the needs of individual upper and lower limb training, and achieve the function of individual upper and lower limb training as well as simultaneous upper and lower limb training;
?Adopting synchronous belt transmission system, no noise;
?Equipped with three-level handlebars to meet different heights and training modes.
?Equipped with heart rate monitoring function, equipped with a display and real-time monitoring of exercise intensity, with digital training requirements.
?Lower limb step range: 0-20 inches, upper limb climbing range: 0-20 inches;
?Floor area: 1200mm * 1250mm * 2380mm
?Equipment weight: 78kg