Commercial Spinning


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? Adjustment frame material: The seat and handle adjustment frames are all made of aluminum alloy material;
?Braking method: downward pressure emergency braking system;
?Foot pedal: Commercial three piece center axle and heat-treated heavy-duty crank, and high-strength aluminum alloy foot pedal;
?Specification of stand pipe: 40mm * 97mm * 2mm;
?Specification of riser: 40mm * 97mm * 2mm;
?Frame tube specification: 40mm * 120mm * 2mm;
?Anti sweat: equipped with a sweat mask;
? Adjustment: handle and seat cushion can be adjusted up, down, forward and backward;
?Resistance: stepless resistance adjustment;
? Adjustment method: The seat and handle can be adjusted forward, backward, up and down;
? Transmission method: belt type transmission;
?Flywheel material/specification: Made of 20KG solid high-precision pure steel flywheel, with specifications ? 460mm * 28mm;
?External dimensions: 1150mm * 650mm * 1200mm;
?Net weight of equipment: 57KG;
?Maximum load-bearing capacity: The maximum weight allowed for users is 136KG;
? Third party certification: The product has passed the 2020 NSCC national body certification; The product has passed the inspection by the National Sports Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and an inspection report is provided;


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