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Product Description:
?The SC90 four station comprehensive trainer allows 4 people to use it simultaneously and is equipped with 4 sets of 20 * 10 pound high-quality selective iron. Among them, the chest pushing position can be used as a rowing trainer after simple adjustment, and this position also has various functions such as high pull, low pull, and side sway; After simple adjustment of the kicking position, it can be used as a back hook leg trainer; The position of the tensioner can be adjusted by the height of the sliding frame, combined with small accessories, to exercise the muscles of the upper and lower limbs.
?SC90 Four Station Comprehensive Trainer Function List:
High pull training, flat pull training, low pull training, abdominal muscle training, chest push training, shoulder push training, rowing training, sitting kick training, sitting hook leg training, kicking training, heel lifting training, biceps training, triceps training, thigh inner and outer side muscle training, single arm training at different heights, and dual arm separation training at different heights.
Product parameters:
?Pipe specifications: The main frame pipe adopts high-strength pipes of 50mm * 100mm * 3mm, 40mm * 80mm * 3mm;
?Paint baking process: immersion pre-treatment process, full surface phosphating film, electrostatic powder spraying;
?Seat and cushion: Made of high-density sponge and 1mm thick leather, with optional colors;
?Transmission part: composed of 4.8mm self-lubricating steel cable and high-strength aluminum alloy pulley;
?Guide rod: adopted ? 19mm steel solid guide rod;
?Shield: Adopting a fully enclosed shield, the shield is made of 1.5mm steel plate;
?Stainless steel parts: All standard parts and adjustment patches are made of stainless steel material;
?Handle: The gloves are made of high-strength TPR material, tightly bonded to the substrate without relative rotation, and the top of the gloves is fixed with aluminum alloy parts;
?Adjustment part: The seat cushion adjustment part adopts semi-automatic and sliding adjustment;
?Floor area: 2410mm * 2040mm * 2300mm;
?Equipment weight: 890kg;
?The counterweight weighs 360kg.


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