Knee lifting trainer


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?Pipe specifications: The main frame pipe material shall be no less than ? Combination of 70mm * 2.5mm high-strength round pipe and 100mm * 50mm * 3mm high-strength rectangular steel pipe;
?Paint baking process: immersion pre-treatment process, full surface phosphating film, electrostatic powder spraying;
?Floor parts: Rubber foot covers are used to ensure the stability of the equipment and effectively prevent floor wear and tear;
?Handle: The gloves are made of high-strength TPR material, tightly bonded to the substrate without relative rotation, and the top of the gloves is fixed with aluminum alloy parts;
?Equipped with anti slip starting pedals, convenient for users of different heights;
?Multi angle handles can be used for multiple training modes such as parallel bars and knee lifts;
?The land area shall not be less than 848 * 1190 * 1760mm;
?The weight of the equipment shall not be less than 85kg.