Sitting abdominal and back dual function trainer


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?Pipe specifications: Main frame pipe ? 50mm * 120mm * 3mm steel pipe;
?Steel cable: ? ? 4.8mm steel cable;
?Guide rod: ? ? 20mm steel guide rod, coated with anti-corrosion coating and polished;
?Counterweight: Made of high-quality steel with a weight plate of ? 25.4mm, and equipped with a strong magnetic self suction weight plug;
?? Cover: Full package cover: The rear cover is made of ? 3mm steel plate, and the front cover is made of ABS injection molding material, with a hanging buckle design;
?? Adjustment part: The sliding part is adjusted using electroplated adjustment plates. The starting position of the training should be adjusted by ? 5 gears.
?? Sports trajectory: By contracting the abdomen and pulling the weight on the back, it has two training functions: abdominal and back muscles.
?Floor area: ? 1120mm * 1250mm * 1580mm;
?Equipment weight: ? 264kg;
?Counterweight weight: ? 118kg;
? Third party certification: The product has passed CE certification.


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