Flat Push Trainer


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Product parameters:
?Pipe specifications: The main frame pipe adopts high-strength pipes of 50mm * 100mm * 3mm, 40mm * 80mm * 3mm;
?Paint baking process: immersion pre-treatment process, full surface phosphating film, electrostatic powder spraying;
?Seat and cushion: Made of high-density sponge and 1mm thick leather, with optional colors;
?Transmission part: composed of 4.8mm self-lubricating steel cable and high-strength aluminum alloy pulley;
?Guide rod: adopted ? 19mm steel solid guide rod;
?Shield: Adopting a fully enclosed shield, the shield is made of 1.5mm steel plate;
?Stainless steel parts: All standard parts and adjustment patches are made of stainless steel material;
?Handle: The gloves are made of high-strength TPR material, tightly bonded to the substrate without relative rotation, and the top of the gloves is fixed with aluminum alloy parts;
?Adjustment part: The seat cushion adjustment part adopts semi-automatic and sliding adjustment;
?Floor area: 1380mm * 1210mm * 2110mm;
?Counterweight weight: 90kg.


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