Modular 3D Space Training Station (Hexagonal)


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Product parameters:
?Pipe specifications: The main frame pipe is made of 50mm * 80mm * 3mm rectangular pipe and 6mm high-quality steel plate welded together;
?Paint baking process: immersion pre-treatment process, full surface phosphating film, electrostatic powder spraying;
?Counterweight: Using high-quality counterweight pieces (25.4mm high-quality steel) and strong magnetic self suction counterweight pins;
?Pulley: Made of high-quality aluminum pulleys;
?Steel cable: 4.8mm self-lubricating steel cable is used;
?Handle: The gloves are made of high-strength TPR material, tightly bonded to the substrate without relative rotation, and the top of the gloves is fixed with aluminum alloy parts;
?Stainless steel parts: All standard parts, bolts, etc. are made of stainless steel materials;
?Guide rod: ? 20mm steel solid guide rod;
?Functional modules: small bird rope movement training frame, deep squat training frame, cloud ladder training frame, extended cloud ladder, supine training frame, suspension ring fixing frame, battle rope fixing frame, boxing training frame, suspension pull up handle, parallel bars training frame, medicine ball training frame, jumping platform, dumbbell frame, shooting training board, etc;
?Floor area: 5800mm * 4600mm (length * width);
?Height: 2800mm-3330mm;
?? Weight: 1300kg (reference weight);
?? Counterweight weight: 130kg (two sets);
?Suggested activity area: 8000mm * 7000mm.
(The above parameters will vary depending on the different selection of functional modules)


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