Pull down+shoulder push, chest push+deltoid cord exercise combination (O-shaped)


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Product Description:
?Can be used by 1-6 people simultaneously, and can be connected to an adjustable training bench;
?Training location and function: The product consists of 20 training functions, including sitting low pull, knee training, biceps training, arm bending training, leg bending training, leg extension training, back pulling training, high pull arm training, high pull training, chest expansion training, push pull training, parallel bar training, etc. Can exercise muscles in the chest, upper limbs, legs, and other areas;
Product parameters:
?Pipe specifications: The main frame pipe is made of 30mm * 60mm * 3mm rectangular pipe welded with 6mm steel plate, the ground support frame is made of 60mm * 120mm * 3mm rectangular pipe, and the lever arm is made of ? 60mm * 3mm round tube;
?Paint baking process: immersion pre-treatment process, full surface phosphating film, electrostatic powder spraying;
?Counterweight: Using high-quality counterweight pieces (25.4mm high-quality steel) and strong magnetic self suction counterweight pins;
?Guide rod: ? 20mm steel guide rod;
?? Shield: The equipment adopts a fully enclosed shield structure made of cold-rolled steel plate with a thickness of 3mm;
?Steel cable: The steel cable adopts 4.8mm self-lubricating steel cable;
?Pulley: ? Made of aluminum alloy pulley, with protective cover at the pulley area;
?Training Guide/Warning Stickers: Function instructions and usage guidelines, precautions, and safety warning stickers should be posted on the product, with detailed content;
?Function: Grouped counterweight iron allows six exercisers to use it simultaneously, equipped with multiple accessories, and can complete multiple exercise modes;
?? Product weight: 900kg, counterweight weight: 405kg;
?Floor area: 4200mm * 4200mm * 2210mm (excluding adjustable training stools).


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