Two station trackless synthesizer


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Complies with GB 17498 national standard and EU EN20957 standard;
Two position design with up to 48 training modes to meet the requirements of full body training.
Free trajectory training for low, medium, and high positions, with three sets of pulleys capable of 360 degree rotation, meeting the requirements for freely changing training at various heights and angles.
High precision shrink tubing connection ensures stable and aesthetically pleasing machine connections.
High quality aluminum accessories add the finishing touch to the overall high-end performance and elevate the product level.
According to the strength requirements of different parts, high-frequency welded pipes of different specifications such as PT50 * 100 * 3 and J50 * 80 * 3 are used to ensure the stability and strength of the product;
The counterweight guide rod adopts ? 19mm solid iron guide rod with hard chrome plated surface;
The equipment transmission structure adopts ? 3.6 High strength imported LOOES steel cables ensure smoother movement and meet the demand for high load power transmission, exceeding national standards and ensuring product quality;
The back cushion adjustment adopts a ratchet type unidirectional adjustment structure, making it easier and more convenient for users to operate;
In order to facilitate user access and be suitable for users of different body types, the SC300 comprehensive trainer is equipped with adjustment structures in areas related to human body size. After reasonable adjustment, it can be used by users of different body types;
Equipped with clear and easy to understand exercise and muscle diagrams, suitable for beginners to use.
Floor area: 1811 * 1917 * 2030mm Equipment weight 228KG Counterweight weight weight 182KG


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